Development Strategy Area Priorities
DSAP 1Town Centres
DSAP 2Ravenscraig
DSAP 3Community Growth Areas
DSAP 4Local Regeneration Priorities

Economic Development and Infrastructure
EDI1 - Protecting Economic Development and Infrastructure Resources
EDI1 A1Existing Industrial and Business Areas
EDI1 A1Existing Waste Management Facilities
EDI1 A2Alternative Development Potential
EDI1 B1Strategic Business Centres
EDI1 B2Strategic Industrial and Business Locations
EDI1 B3High Amenity Locations
EDI1 B4Tourism Development Areas
EDI1 B5International Transport Facilities
EDI2 - Promoting Economic Development and Infrastructure
EDI2 AIndustrial and Business Sites
EDI2 BTransport Development
EDI2 C1Existing Construction Mineral Extraction Sites
EDI2 C2Opencast Coal Extraction Search Area

Retail and Town Centre
RTC1 - Protecting the North Lanarkshire Network
RTC1 ATown Centres
RTC1 BCommercial Centres
RTC1 CNeighbourhood and Local Centres
Housing and Community facilities
HCF1 - Protecting Residential Amenity and Community Facilities
HCF1 AResidential Areas
HCF1 B1Community Facilities
HCF1 B2Town Parks and Community Parks
HCF1 B2Community Parks within the Green Belt
HCF2 - Promoting Housing Development and Community Facilities
HCF2 A1Housing Land Supply
HCF2 A2Additions to Housing Land Supply
HCF2 BLocations for (Medium-term) Housing Development
HCF2 BBFurther Locations for Housing Development
HCF2 CCommunity Facilities (New Schools)
HCF3 - Accessing Affordable Housing Development
HCF3Affordable Housing

Natural and Built Environment
NBE1 - Protecting the Natural and Built Environment
NBE1 A1ASpecial Areas of Conservation
NBE1 A1BSpecial Protection Area
NBE1 A2ASites of Special Scientific Interest
NBE1 A3ARegional Scenic Area
NBE1 A3BArea of Great Landscape Value
NBE1 A4ASites of Importance for Nature Conservation
NBE1 A4BLocal Nature Reserves
NBE1 A4CCountry Parks
NBE1 A4DTree Preservation Orders
NBE1 B1AFrontiers of the Roman Empire (Antonine Wall) World Heritage Site
NBE1 B1BFrontiers of the Roman Empire (Antonine Wall) World Heritage Site Buffer Zones
NBE1 B2AScheduled Monuments
NBE1 B2BInventory Historic Garden/Designed Landscape
NBE1 B3AConservation Areas
NBE1 B3BCanal Corridors

NBE2 - Promoting the Natural and Built Environment
NBE2 A4Country Park Network
NBE2 B2Conservation Areas
NBE2 B4Canal Corridors

NBE 3 - Assessing Development in the Green Belt and Rural Investment Area
NBE3 AGreen Belt
NBE3 BRural Investment Area